MIUI 7.1 Global & China Stable Resmi Dirilis, Hadir dengan Beberapa Perbaikan Bug !

Trenteknologi.com – Terdapat kabar baik untuk Anda para Mi Fans di seluruh dunia ! Karena tepat mulai pada hari ini 5 Januari 2016, tim pengembang MIUI secara resmi merilis update MIUI versi 7.1 untuk MIUI Global dan China Stable. Sejak dirilis pertama kali pada 2 bulan yang lalu, MIUI 7 hadir dengan berbagai perubahan serta perbaikan bug, sehingga dapat memberikan performa yang lebih baik lagi terhadap smartphone, khususnya smartphone Xiaomi. Dan pada MIUI versi 7.1 ini, MIUI versi 7.1 juga hadir dengan beberapa peningkatan serta perbaikan bug yang seringkali dikeluhkan oleh para pengguna smartphone Xiaomi. Lalu apa saja peningkatan serta perbaikan bug yang telah dilakukan pada MIUI 7.1 ini ? Berikut ini daftar peningkatan dan perbaikan bug pada MIUI 7.1 :


Mi Note- V7.1.1.0.KXEMICK (723 Mb)

Redmi 2 / Prime (4G)- V7.1.1.0.KHJMICK (662 Mb)

Redmi Note (4G)- V7.1.1.0.KHIMICK (709 Mb)

Mi 3 | Mi 4- V7.1.1.0.KXDMICK (672 Mb)

Redmi 1S (3G) – V7.1.1.0.KHCMICK (698 Mb)

Redmi Note Prime (4G Dual SIM) -V7.1.1.0.KHKMICK (703 Mb)

Mi Pad – V7.1.1.0.KXFMICK (547 Mb)

Redmi Note 2 – V7.1.1.0.LHMMICK (931 Mb)

Redmi Note 3G – V7.1.3.0.KHDMICK (665 Mb)

Mi 4i – V7.1.1.0.LXIMICK (846 Mb)

Mi 2/2S: V7.1.2.0.LXAMICK (Fasboot/715 Mb)

Untuk cara update MIUI 7.1 via Recovery Mode, dapat Anda ikuti dengan cara ini -Ini Cara Update MIUI 7 Global Stable untuk Semua Perangkat Xiaomi !-

MIUI 7.1 Full Changelog

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization – In DND mode, for incoming calls with screen turned off. There will be a green bar on the top after waking the screen (09-07)
Optimization – Reduced status bar RAM usage (09-15)
Optimization – Support setting lockscreen and floating notifications separately (11-02)
Optimization – App notifications page displays blocked apps first (11-02)
Optimization – Support changing wallpaper from top right corner in lockscreen when daily lockscreen is enabled (11-11)
Fix – SIM card displayed abnormally after restarting the status bar (09-07)
Fix – Sometimes, notifications’ order changed automatically in Notification shade (09-15)
Fix – Music widget play/pause button had error in some situations (09-15)
Fix – Sometimes status bar disappeared (09-15)
Fix – Sometimes, Mi Band icon disappeared from status bar (09-22)
Fix – Sometimes, there was no response after pressing lockscreen notifications (09-22)
Fix – Connection speed in status bar overlapped when using XXL text (09-22)
Fix – Screen could not be waken up while loading themes (09-30)
Fix – Combined password could not be entered when exiting Child mode/Private folder (10-29)
Fix – Pushing blank sides in a floating notification could not fold it in landscape mode (11-02)
Fix – Sometimes WiFi connection was recognized as portable hotspot (11-05)

Home screen
Optimization – Enhanced home screen smoothness and speed of opening folders (09-15)
Optimization – Unified third party apps’ launching animation (09-16)
Optimization – Apps’ content will not show in Recents tray when ‘Lock apps’ is enabled (10-13)
Fix – Adding Cleanup function shortcut caused home screen to FC (09-10)
Fix – Display error when using images taken by the device as wallpaper (09-14)

New – Audio settings support Mi Piston earbuds color edition (09-02)

New – Support backing up to Mi WiFi Router (09-25)

File Explorer
New – Added private folders (10-20)
New – Support listing starred files by editing time (11-03)
New – Support adding folders to private folder (11-09)
New – Allow selecting restore path when disabling private settings (11-09)
New – Support moving files in private folder (11-18)
New – Private folder supports file name encryption (11-18)
New – Added space clearing prompt for phone management (11-18)
New – Support setting default video player (11-18)
New – Support adding File Explorer shortcut to home screen (11-18)
Optimization – App more compatible with custom themes (09-08)
Optimization – Optimized images display method (11-03)
Optimization – Progress status display method of compressing/decompressing etc. (11-03)
Optimization – Changed Mi Drop category page default ordering method to descending by time (11-03)
Fix – Thumbnails are not displayed in searching result (11-03)

New – Added recording quality option in settings.Recording quality will show in recording and playing page (09-23)
New – Pull down on recordings list page to view syncing status (10-14)

Optimization – Optimized app widget style when using different font sizes (09-08)
Optimization – Card view style for displaying events (10-29)
Fix – SwiftKey keyboard could not input Chinese in Calendar app (09-15)

Data Usage
New – Added data saver function to help reduce data/WiFi usage        (10-21)
Clock / Calculator

New – Support closing the next alarm clock only when turning off repeat alarm clocks (10-22)
Optimization – Added vibration when pressing the options at the bottom of clock page (09-16)

Mi Drop
New – Added Mi Drop to help transfer files between phones (09-28)
Optimization – Long press on Mi Drop toggle will direct to usage help page (10-14)
Optimization – Increased file transferring speed (10-20)
Optimization – Processing mechanism when the receiver does not have enough space on their device (10-20)
Optimization – Animated effects when scanning (10-28)
Fix – Sometimes files failed to be transferred (10-13)
Fix – Sometimes app crashed while scanning (10-14)

New – Added ”Connection’ shortcut in security to view each app’s realtime connection speed (10-26)
Optimization – Increased check process efficiency (10-27)

New – Recommendation page after clearing trash (10-20)
New – Clearing animated effects (10-20)

Battery Usage
Optimization – Low battery warning message will not pop up when there’s an incoming call (10-12)
Optimization – Optimized the prompt text when power on and off time are set as the same (11-17)


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Daftar Smartphone Xiaomi yang Mendapatkan MIUI 7.1 Global & China Stable

  • MIUI 7.1 Global Stable

Untuk smartphone Xiaomi yang akan mendapatkan update MIUI 7.1 Global Stable ini bisa dibilang hampir semua smartphone Xiaomi akan mendapatkannya, yaitu Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note,  Mi 4i, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note Prime, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3G dan Mi Pad.


  • MIUI 7.1 China Stable

Namun khusus MIUI 7.1 China Stable, smartphone Xiaomi yang terlebih dahulu mendapatkan update MIUI 7.1 China Stable pada 5 Januari 2016 adalah Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4 3G/4G, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Mi 4c, Mi 4i, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G Single SIM/Dual-SIM, Mi Pad 1/2. Lalu untuk Xiaomi Mi 2/2S, Redmi 2, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3, akan mendapatkan update MIUI 7.1 China Stable pada 11 Januari 2016 mendatang.


Sumber : en.miui.com

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